+ entrepreneur + fitness enthusiast + author + artist + designer + model

I like to think of myself as a ‘Change Agent’ > (someone who acts as catalysts for lasting is part sales, part counseling, and part encouragement). I lead with my business card face down, and I can have a quote ‘title’ but what I do know is that I will always be a student of life, a visionary, and a forward thinker. I have a passion for service; and believe that giving of yourself is the highest honor you can pay to those around you. And I am blessed to open this gift every day!


My career was off to an early start in the fast pace industry of Software & Technology; with skill-sets that are grounded in high-level Executive Operations & Administration, and Product Development. I quickly sparked a passion for start-up and emerging growth environments because this is where the adoption of dynamic CHANGE takes place! I have a deep practical understanding of small & large businesses and the pivotal growth scales in-between.

+ FOUNDER = FIT ORBIT is an active fitness apparel brand + lifestyle company + community that promotes transformation, growth, and change! 

Our apparel collections are designed to reflect the demands of an active lifestyle not just for workouts. Our designs are versatile with functionality, optimal movement, flexibility, comfort, and style all top of mind. Some of our styles are created for a specific fitness activity or sport vertical, but every piece can be mix-and-matched together.  

Elevating your Perspective on Lifestyle + Fitness + Fashion  

+ FOUNDER = LIFEORBIT (Consulting Services & Advisory) that was created to 'lead the charge' and activate significant change within your business and personal life. With the goal to accelerate growth and to help create the delicate balance in one’s lifestyle + the ultimate aim to help spur your life in the direction you desire! All to create time to do the things you LOVE!

+ AUTHOR = LIFE INVENTORY > the face behind the words. I am committed to provide a collection of Lifestyle + Wellness + Fitness articles, blogs, and podcasts!  

I have a creative eye for design & art and hold a degree in Advertising and Graphic Design. I have also completed a progressive training in Pilates & Anatomy. This movement serves as a testimony of lasting change and outlook within my body and personal well-being. It's my passion to activate others to make a lasting lifestyle change themselves!

Today I reside in Southern California at the beach. I am an avid runner and I'm passionate about writing and contribute my work on a few platforms. I live with intention in creating a lifestyle that feeds my soul and keeps my joy alive!

Thank you for being apart of my FITOrbit!